Schools should have the funds to buy the books they need!

This campaign is very quickly picking up pace, we have just reached 300 signatures within just one week! It seems the main reason for this popularity is because the cause is evidently important to everyone involved and how much change is needed. We get regular reminders of its importance in articles such as one published this week in Education Executive.

The headline of the article is -‘School warns it may have to buy fewer books due to funding cuts’, which in itself is a disheartening title when it comes to our children’s schooling. Books are a key component in a child’s education and the more learning material the children have available to them, the more they could potentially learn. Already the cuts to school budgets are having an effect.

The article discusses how schools in Coventry are facing over £29 million worth of cuts in the near future due to the National  Funding Formula.

One Infant school in the area is cutting back on buying the basic classroom necessitates including books and pencils  because they simply cannot afford it. When basic necessities, not luxuries, are being cut from our children’s schooling, there is a clear problem.

The Leamington Spa school’s head teacher has said: “You may have read the government’s statement that spending on schools is at record levels, but this does not take into account rising pupil numbers, inflation and running costs.”

Chair of Governors Colin Talbot has stated that this school is not alone in its issues. He stated that they will do everything they can to help but these problems of rising costs, bigger class sizes, fewer teachers and a frozen budget means -“that there will have to be big changes”.

One way we feel that we can help is with our Resource our Schools campaign which you can find out about and support here.

You can read the full Education Executive article originally seen in the Coventry Telegraph here.