GLF Schools is a 12 site multi-school Academy in Surrey. So far 8 of the GLF Schools are using Schools Broadband and this is set to increase as the schools’ contracts with their existing supplier come to an end.

GLF wanted a company that would work with them and understand where they are heading. They did lots of research before they made their decision; they looked at lots of different companies and asked other schools about their experiences. They were looking for something that would offer the right solution as well as value for money.

Schools Broadband were able to provide GLF with the complete solution at a price their schools could afford. When switching provider, they knew they also needed to have better control over their firewalls. They needed to make changes quickly and without incurring extra costs and with Schools Broadband, they were able to make these changes themselves, saving both time and money.

Most of their schools now have more bandwidth than ever before. The simple but highly effective filtering system and secure firewall has given them the ability to create a GLF Schools network behind one firewall. Because of their ongoing expansion as a trust group, they always knew they wanted a VPLS for the school. This is now in place and is delivering more than they could have hoped for. So far they have been using the VPLS mainly for their new finance system and remote support but other converged communications are in the planning.

Their connection speed is now 300Mbps and the price is still less than they used to pay for 50Mbps. In addition, they no longer need to maintain their own hardware so they benefit from a cost saving there too.