Parklands Primary School have been an OTrack user since the Summer of 2012. Following their recent Outstanding Ofsted rating, we were keen to speak to them about how they have been tackling assessment with OTrack in recent years.

What challenges has the new curriculum and removal of levels presented to you as a head and your school?

 “None – moving with the times and not sitting still is vital. Changes were needed and OTrack were at the front of these changes”

Chris Dyson – Headteacher Parklands Primary School, Leeds

One of the principle foundations here at OTrack is about sharing best practice. In an ever-evolving educational sector, as Chris mentioned, it is vital for schools (and tracking systems) to move with the times. This is why we believe so much in communicating with our schools. Adapting the system, tweaking reports, support in general is only ever a phone call away and it can really make the difference in simplifying your assessment analysis.

Reporting made easy

One of the main benefits of OTrack to Parklands is the ability to make reports bespoke to their school. By working closely with Chris, our reports team has been able to tailor the setup of OTrack and its reports to match the needs of Parklands. Analysis previously done by hand has now been translated into ready-made reports meaning analysis can be achieved at the click of a button.

How does OTrack help you and your senior leadership team?

“OTrack gives us instant analysis with its reports. It is vital that my SLT sing from the same hymn sheet and OTrack makes that easy. It also enables us to direct support where it is needed by tracking interventions and allowing me to easily monitor their effectiveness, as well as allocate staff accordingly.

In September 2017, we were given an Outstanding Ofsted rating, where data, and in particular our in-house data, made the difference.

OTrack gives us a clear snapshot of class by class attainment and progress with colour coding immediately allowing us to detect any children who may have barriers to their learning. The reports generated makes looking at vulnerable groups simplistic meaning we can instantly look at performance of Pupil Premium pupils, Boys vs. Girls, SEND children and so on.”


How does OTrack help your teachers?

“Target setting… It is essential for performance management that teachers get the maximum performance from their children. It allows my staff to easily compare contextual groups; summer born, boys vs. girls, pupil premium etc. by making this simple allows us to address, and put into action any barriers to learning.”

If you feel that your assessment style isn’t quite meeting your needs, or you can’t find the analysis you are looking for in your reports, please don’t stay silent, contact us – there could be a really simple solution or a report readily available which we can show you.

Find out more

If you’d like to take a look at the full report, you can read more about when Ofsted met Parklands, and their Outstanding Ofsted rating, here.

If you’d like to take a look at OTrack please contact us or book a demo.