The Faringdon Academy of Schools (FAoS) is a Multi-School Academy in Oxfordshire consisting of an infant school, 6 primary schools and a secondary school with a sixth form.

Chris Bennett, IT Network Administrator at Faringdon:

“We initially moved 3 primaries and our secondary school to Schools Broadband when our local authority ceased their service. We went to tender for multiple providers, and chose Schools Broadband because of their knowledge of the school environment. We were very impressed with their web filtering solution, and the way the company was run. The communication and support was good, and the management side of the firewall was safe and reliable.

Our Academy Trust has continued to grow and as we were so pleased with the service from Schools Broadband, we decided to move over an additional 4 primaries to them, some of whom were with a Local Authority and others with another independent provider. We migrated them all and were kept informed at all three stages of the migration.

On installation day, the technical team were very efficient, but more importantly, easy to talk to. They do their utmost for the customer and ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum.

We now have all 8 of our schools on Schools Broadband. Although cheaper than our previous provider/s the main benefit for us is the web filtering. IT is used for a majority of lessons now rather than just ICT. With a lot of ‘hosted’ applications, such as SIMs, a steady reliable and fast internet connection is an absolute necessity for us.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Schools Broadband to anyone and feel they offer a service which compares to none. As an academy, all our schools are delighted with the service that is provided.”