£495 credit on choosing Groupcall’s Xporter

BESA members are entitled to £495 credit towards their account when they choose Groupcall’s Xporter MIS integration services for school data.

Groupcall Xporter is used by many BESA members and other educational software suppliers to automate data provisioning within their own software – and is already deployed in over 18,000 UK schools.

It enables secure MIS data extraction from a school, which means your software is quicker to implement, data accuracy is improved and the impact on support is reduced. After 15 years of delivering tried and tested technology to our partners, we are fully invested in education and transfer information on over 5 million learners on a daily basis. Security, privacy and quality are a priority.

There is no other supplier that is tried and tested like Groupcall. Currently installed in over 80% schools, chances are Xporter is already present when it comes to connect your app. Can your organisation really afford to be working with anyone else?

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