This project has been designed to address key market barriers preventing closer collaboration and partnerships between Chinese and UK companies. 


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This project has been designed to address key market barriers preventing closer collaboration and partnerships between Chinese and UK companies. 


This project is designed to address some of the legal restrictions and barriers to market entry including trading restrictions on UK companies entering the Chinese market and barriers on the use of foreign curriculum resources in Chinese state schools. We will also cover how to access and find trusted and quality business partners (Chinese and UK) with the aim to improve the cultural understanding and collaboration between Chinese and UK educational companies, including sharing knowledge and insights into the differing attitudes to data protection, EdTech ethics and norms in respective UK and Chinese markets.

Project outcomes:

  1. An improvement in consistency of the EdTech investment environment.
  2. Closer alignment of China’s investment environment to international standards.
  3. Improving UK educational supplier companies’ confidence to invest in doing business in China.


Project format:

  1. Webinar series focusing on China's education business environment, social media landscape and protecting intellectual property.
  2. Individual knowledge sharing sessions with Chinese companies
  3. Virtual trade mission
  4. Project conclusion business development meeting


Please see more information about each area of the format below: 

1. Webinar series

Education Business environment in China

Government support, technological progress and cultural emphasis on education have created a huge complex education and EdTech ecosystem in China. This webinar provides some insight into China’s school system and culture, drivers for growth, investment and policy environment. We also discuss the collaboration opportunities in the education technology and support industry between UK and China.  

In this webinar, you'll understand:

  1. An introduction about the Chinese education system and key stakeholders
  2. The current trends, investment and development trends of EdTech in China including the impact by Covid19
  3. The opportunities and challenges of doing business in China’s EdTech industry in 2021 and beyond


  • Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO, Crayfish.io
  • Qin Li, Founder and CEO, QED Education Group; Managing Director, St Paul’s Girls School International, China


China's Social Media Landscape - a taster session

There is no doubt that China’s vast and unique digital and social media landscape has made it very different for any company who wants to enter the Chinese market. In the post-pandemic era, it is now becoming a must for both B2C and B2B companies to understand the Chinese social media world and online customer behaviours to do business in China. Jiao Li will take you through in depth of digital and social media landscape in China in 2021. Key topics:

  1. China’s unique digital and social media ecosystem
  2. In depth introduction of the key social media platforms
  3. How do you successfully do digital marketing in China via social media platforms?
  4. Case studies


  • Jiao Li, Co-Founder, Crayfish.io; Marketing Specialist; Public speaker


How to protect your IP in China

It is very important to look into protecting intellectual property in China, well before embarking the market entry process. This is especially for technology-driven businesses where the largest asset is their IP.  This webinar, delivered by Crayfish.io and their IP service partners, aims to give attendees a clear understanding of available legal protections as well as registration and protection strategies.

  1. a brief overview of available legal protections, and how IP can be used and managed in different commercial scenarios from licencing to joint ventures.
  2. key regulations and other ways to protect your business beyond traditional IP rights, with practical tips on how to design an approach that is right for your business.
  3. the types of trademark protection available through several case studies of both foreign and domestic legal battles between education companies in China.
  4. tips and suggestions for trademark establishment and protection strategies in China
  5. practical support available to help SMEs prevent, protect and commercialising IP rights in China.


  • Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO, Crayfish.io

2. Knowledge Sharing Sessions

These sessions aim to encourage greater understanding of the business environment and closer collaboration between UK and Chinese companies, by giving every participant the opportunity to meet with three Chinese companies for an in-depth one to one meeting. The meetings enable participants to question their counterparts on the issues or queries they have identified from taking part in the webinars, to get to the heart of the areas that are of most interest. All companies are encouraged to take part in these meetings as part of the mutual exchange of information, and to help companies in both countries develop a deeper understanding of the culture and business systems that operate. 

3. Virtual Trade Mission

UK companies are invited to join a virtual Trade Mission organised by our Chinese delivery partner CMEE, whilst the Chinese companies will attend a Trade Mission organised by BESA. Each event will include the opportunity to meet with local teachers and education practitioner plus officials from relevant bodies within each territory such as government departments, trade associations, key exporters or influencers. The objectives of these missions is to give companies access to the key decision makers and sources of advice and information they would ordinarily meet on a fact -finding visit to the country in question.

4. Project conclusion business development meeting

At the end of the programme, each company will have an in-depth meeting with our Director General, Caroline Wright during which any outstanding questions can be resolved and follow up actions will be agreed.

Cohort 1:

The following companies have taken part in Cohort 1, which has been running through February and March 2021.

NetSupport北京鑫台华科技有限公司 xintaihua technology
JetPack Learning北京宏扬迅腾科技发展有限公司 Beijing Hongyang Xunteng Technology Development
GL Education北京乾邦科技发展有限公司 qianbang technology
FieldWork Education艾提亿教育科技中心 ITE
OhBot Education成都瑞德利科技有限公司
Discovery Education科大讯飞股份有限公司 iflytek
My School Portal北京国研世纪科技发展有限公司 guoyan century
Century Tech北京康邦科技有限公司
Learning Ladders北京讷纳渔科技有限公司
Imagine Performance乐聚(深圳)机器人技术有限公司 leju robot
Juniper Education北京有痕教育科技有限公司
Firefly北京中广上洋科技股份有限公司 shineon cast
Union Education Group北京育灵童科技发展有限公司 elight
Klik2Learn北京中庆现代技术股份有限公司 ZONEKEY
 北京新星教学装备有限公司Beijing Xinxing Teaching Equipment Co.Ltd


If you are interested in this project and would like to be involved in the 2nd cohort, running in throughout Q3 and Q4 of 2021, please do get in touch with Caroline. caroline@besa.org.uk