Workshop: Finding and working with distributors and agents

23 February 2021

Do I need a partner in every country I sell into & how do I select and work with them? 


9am - 12pm


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£100 for BESA Members, £145 for non BESA members

Do I need a partner in every country I sell into & how do I select and work with them? 


In order to provide goods and service into international markets, many companies choose to build a network of partners, working with local companies in many countries. This in-depth workshop will provide a framework for selecting and working with multiple partners. Topics covered include: 

  • Distributors & Agents - what’s the difference & which do I need? 
  • How to evaluate a potential distributor / agent 
  • Location 
  • Experience 
  • Connectivity 
  • Coverage 
  • Communications 
  • Culture 
  • Trust 
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive contracts? 
  • How long should a contract last? 
  • Where can I ‘find’ a ‘standard’ contract to use? 
  • Applicable law? 
  • Managing partners, building a long-term relationship 
  • Communication 
  • Setting sales targets 
  • Training 
  • During the pandemic 

 In addition, this workshop will also discuss tender based sales: 

  • Tenders, the good, the bad and what to watch out for!
  • The information you need to know
  • Source 
  • Liability 
  • Schedule (and performance bonds).

Who should attend: 

  • Company Founder, CEO, COO, CFO etc. 
  • Export Manager / Director 
  • International Sales & Marketing team. 

The workshops in this series are:

1. Finding and working with distributors and agents 

2. Selling to International schools 

 Each workshop will be on-line with a maximum of 10 delegates, providing ample opportunity to ask the facilitator in-depth questions and for group discussions of the issues raised. The cost for this workshop is £100 for BESA members and £145 for non-members. 


These workshops are presented by BESA working in partnership with EdTech Consulting