Workshop: Introduction to Exporting – How to get started

10 November 2020

How do I grow my business internationally? Is my company ready to export? 


9am - 12pm


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£100 for BESA Members, £195 for non BESA members

How do I grow my business internationally? Is my company ready to export? 


This 3-hour interactive on-line workshop is an in-depth guide to preparing your company to export. Led by Steve Whitley, a seasoned company director with over 20 years exporting experience. The workshop will focus on the issues your company will need to address on its exporting journey: 

  • How and what parts of your business will be  
    affected by exporting? 
  • How to ensure the whole company understands the importance and embraces exporting  
  • How to get started - making an export plan 
  • Where to find help, What support is available (including free and subsidised) 
  • Starting your export journey during the pandemic? - creating & amending the strategy 


Who should attend: 

  • Company Founder, CEO, COO, CFO etc. 
  • Export Manager / Director 
  • International Sales & Marketing team 


This session is one of an initial series of 4 interactive online workshops. Each workshop will be a deep dive into a specific topic related to exporting and how to achieve international growth. Each workshop will be on-line with a maximum of 10 delegates, providing ample opportunity to ask the facilitator in-depth questions and for group discussions of the issues raised. 


The workshops in this series are:

1. Introduction to Exporting -How to get started 

2. Researching and selecting new export markets 

3. Finding and working with distributors and agents 

4. Selling to International schools 


The cost for this workshop is £100 for BESA members and £195 for non-members. 


SPECIAL OFFER - Sign up for all 4 workshops in this series and receive an additional 10% discount. For more information please click here or contact Arianna.


These workshops are presented by BESA working in partnership with EdTech Consulting.