by Andrew Goff, ONVU Learning Director

Education Technology must be Evidence-Informed to Succeed

Twenty years ago, as a young Design and Technology teacher I admit to being taken in by headlines that promised educational technology would help me achieve my aspirations for my students – whether that was a new computer programme or a digital whiteboard. At the same time, I was drumming into my students the fundamentals of good design – the design cycle process of Problem – Research – Ideas – Solutions – Make – Evaluate (PRISME) and at the same time using them to design my own workshop machines.

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The DfE EdTech strategy will succeed

The DfE EdTech strategy will succeed – as long as we all encourage the schools we work with to get on board. It was a privilege to attend the EdTech Strategy Engagement event organised by BESA on Monday 13th May in London. EdTech companies, school leaders and organisations including the Chartered College of Teaching and ARK were able to reflect on the DfE’s EdTech strategy ‘realising the potential of technology in education’ .

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