by Cleo Fatoorehchi, Communications Coordinator, BESA

“We are helping people to think for themselves, rather than giving them prescriptive answers” – Q&A with Claire Fox

For a weekend at the end of October, the Barbican centre in London will open its doors to thousands of people to participate in the Battle of Ideas, an annual event organised by the Institute of Ideas. Each year since 2005, the Battle of Ideas gathers hundreds of speakers with controversial views to face each … Continued

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Parents feel the effect of school funding cuts too

While parents are not thrilled to be increasingly asked to pay for their children’s school resources, they recognise it isn’t the school’s fault these requests are being made. Instead, they blame the government for its inaction when it comes to solving the school funding crisis. On Mumsnet, the online forum “by parents for parents”, mothers … Continued

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Schools are facing an unprecedented crisis – and it has to stop

Supported by the comedian Steve Coogan, the Save Our Schools (SOS) movement received extensive coverage this week after it led a protest outside 10 Downing Street on 6 July. A couple of months ago, the talk of the town was the “Schools Just Wanna Have Funds” video, produced by the Fair Funding For All Schools organisation.

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With new schools, come new resources

At the end of July, the Department for Education (DfE) announced that 19 local authorities had opened bids for the creation of new free schools for children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND). Schools minister Lord Nash said: “Free schools are providing many good new school places in response to the needs of … Continued

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