About Resource Our Schools

The Resource Our Schools campaign has been initiated by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), working with a coalition of organisations and suppliers, to highlight the urgent need for greater investment in resources and infrastructure for schools across the UK.

BESA has monitored procurement trends in UK schools over decades, and the downturn in resources expenditure has seldom been so concerning. Real-terms cuts in education budgets are starting to bite and the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates spending per pupil will fall 6.5 per cent by 2019-20.

The UK is renowned the world over for its high standard of education and there is a voracious demand for UK educational resources, technology and talent overseas. As schools the world over benefit from the UK’s leadership in education resources, it is of the greatest importance that pupils across the UK do as well.

Do you share our concern that UK schools are currently being inadequately resourced? Then sign up to our statement here and help us spread the word.

Have you heard of schools having to take drastic action as a result of budget cuts – like charging parents for textbooks, or abandoning science practicals in favour of showing online clips? If so, let us know about them, and we’ll work hard to raise awareness of the situation among those that can make a difference.

Schools, parents, suppliers and general election candidates alike will be encouraged to sign up to the Resource Our Schools statement in the run up to the election, with the signatures presented to the next Secretary of State for Education when the new government is in place.