eptsoft is a Developer and Publisher of Online STEM Educational Interactive Digital Resources for Accounting, Business Studies, Maths, Computing, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

By Clive W. Humphris MCIPD : Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Products include Online Mobile Apps, Student Handouts, Windows Educational Software and interactive eTextbooks for use on phones, tablets and PCs.

FREE Online HOME STUDY eTextbooks for Schools & Students for Business Studies, Computing, Maths, Electronics and Engineering.

Students and Teachers have access to nearly a thousand interactive topics. Individual students can enable the full interactive content which allows them to insert their own values from any standard textbook where the full colour graphics are redrawn to reflect those changes. All calculations are designed around standard formulae and can be selected enabling the students to check their own work or use in conjunction with any standard traditional textbook.

Print or save unlimited royalty free pdf pages showing image, text and calculations using your input values for own use or teachers whole class handouts from your web browser.  Distributed online by many schools and downloaded for home schooling.

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