Tom Johns, STEM CPD Leader and Somerset’s Science Network Leader highlights his top 10 ways to use the HUE HD Pro Visualiser in the Science Lab

Top 10 Ways to use the HUE HD Pro Camera in the Science Lab:

  1. Show model answers.
  2. Correct and model graphs.
  3. Show mark schemes from test papers.
  4. Model how to draw convex and concave ray diagrams.
  5. Show how to work out and rearrange equations.
  6. A ‘live’ walking talking mock.
  7. Record complicated procedures (dissection) and demos so I can playback to the class later in the lesson or a future lesson.
  8. Have a live video on the screen allowing students to see instead of the crowding around a table.
  9. Record and play ethical debate.
  10. Record stop motion animations E.g. Process of Fission and Fusion.
Hue Visualiser

In the future Tom says he will be recording demonstrations and many of the above features to upload them to Youtube. This will include students’ AQA GCSE required practical experiments/investigations so students can access them at all times, supporting revision and maybe even incorporating flipped learning activities.