Lyng Hall School is a mixed comprehensive school with a wide range of diversity through its students. The school consists of around 670 pupils and 80 members of staff. The ICT system is Windows based with around 200 Windows XP workstations spread across 4 ICT rooms, 2 Foundation rooms, Library and Sixth form. The school also has 85 wireless notebooks which can be used around the school.

The school was looking for a classroom management software product to combat students misusing the internet and software and help stop students moving off task frequently and not listening to staff instructions.


Lyng Hall sees the benefits…

Lyng Hall School has found that AB Tutor has solved 3 major problems for them:

  • It allows the Network Manager to quickly identify and deal with students who are off task.
  • It allows the staff to monitor students as they work in a much more efficient manner. Any issues or problems can be identified quickly and students demonstrated without going to their actual workstation.
  • The Network manager can easily set policies to control access to software and the Internet


Student productivity up by 25%

The school commented that they have found that AB Tutor has increased the productivity of the students by 25% on average. It allows teachers to monitor student work in a much more efficient manner.