Gareth Moores, Deputy Headteacher at Aldworth School in Basingstoke who teaches AQA Physics and Chemistry to a set 2 Year 11 group, discusses how he uses SAM Learning’s GCSE Study and Revision Tool in and out of lessons to raise the attainment of his students…


The Implementation
SAM Learning’s effective Three-wave Intervention Programme allows me to set differentiated work for Higher and/or Foundation Level students and for anyone who has been absent, and I can do this all in one go following the improvements made to the flexibility of SAM Learning. This is particularly useful and effective for students who miss school for an extended period of time.

I also use SAM Learning to accelerate progress. The room I teach in has computers, the pupils are able to review and strengthen their understanding after they have learnt new content by independently reviewing the topic on SAM Learning and working through its various elements.


The Impact
There is a range in terms of impact – the ones that become really independent boost their grades significantly. With my Year 11 class last year, one disadvantaged learner focused on SAM Learning and improved his grade from a 4 to an 8 in less than 6 months – this is an extreme example but it was clearly down to significant time spent engaged on SAM Learning both in and out of the classroom. Student understanding of requirements is no longer an issue – SAM Learning allows them to focus on learning and make as much progress as they commit to.