Manhood Community College, an 11-16 secondary school that has just achieved Specialist status in Science and Mathematics, found that they needed a piece of software to monitor and control what applications their students were accessing during lessons. AB Tutor was recommended to the College during a network migration. After trialling a demo version for 30 days, the college was impressed at the ease and speed that the software installed across the network. The school’s network manager immediately made a recommendation that the school should look to purchase the full version as the price was very good compared to some of the alternative options.


Problems solved with AB Tutor …

AB Tutor Control solved their monitoring and control problem and they have found that their staff are now all quite adept at using it to manage their classes. 


Increased focus and productivity achieves results

AB Tutor enables the teachers to focus the students on their work for much of the lesson by removing the distractions of the Internet during the lesson. The staff have noticed the students can now get a lot more work done throughout the year and as a result, during the last few weeks of the school year, the students tend to start work on the next year’s ICT curriculum.

The IT Support Team have also seen significant benefits, including saving time in setting up machines for exams. The school has one suite of 64 machines and before purchasing AB Tutor, they had to logon each machine individually and launch the application needed, this would take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Now with AB Tutor, they can logon all the machines and launch the application in about 2 minutes therefore taking about 10% of the time it did before.