Ark Globe Academy handpicked fifteen computer science students to take part in a project to design the ‘Mouse of the Future’. Equipped with Chromebooks and the new Logitech Pen, the students worked in teams for six weeks to design a unique mouse – considering the shape, materials and potential use case of a brand-new product.


Traditionally, collaboration amongst teams involves multiple designs being sketched on paper. Each time a new element or idea is added, a whole new sketch needs to be made. If errors or mistakes are made, the team needs to start over – and use more paper. In this way, traditional materials can waste valuable time that could be spent on developing ideas, and using reams of paper doesn’t support the environment.


During the project, the students worked in small groups, using Chromebooks and the USI-enabled Logitech Pen to develop ideas in one document – both on their own screen and across devices. With the Pen, it was possible to share research, draw and write as a team, and collaborate on ideas easily whilst easily erasing and correcting mistakes. The intuitive design and simple connectivity of Logitech Pen meant the students were able to get creative straight away and bring their ideas to life.


The project helped the students to express their creative ideas with one another, and work with tablets in a new way. Logitech Pen’s design supported exceptional drawings – with a precise tip that supported shading, sketching and note-taking – and allowed the students to present and showcase their innovative mice to a panel of judges.

Quote – Michael Kolawole, Head of Computer Science – Ark Glove Academy:

“Technology is really enriching for students to use in the classroom, and it extends the range of tasks they can complete. It also allows teachers to give feedback on students’ work in real time – and it supports the environment by minimising our use of paper. The project, enabled by Logitech Pen, has really helped to give the students a new set of digital skills, and shown them a new way to work collaboratively.”

Quote – Matt Waring, Education Channel Manager UK&I – Logitech:

“As the project unfolded, the students were able to learn without boundaries and express themselves with their own unique learning styles. I’m really proud that Logitech has supported the students to develop and showcase creative ideas – and show them the role that technology can play in learning”.