Twin is an award-winning UK company that provides purpose-led, playful, and personalized STEM+A learning. Twin was launched for children aged 5–14 to learn STEM through a digital platform and physical kits. Twin Science products’ have a double-winged approach and offer STEM-based & SDG-aligned education for a sustainable future. With two wings, children can fly: One wing represents strong competence in STEM+A areas with highly developed 21st-century skills. The second wing denotes a strong sense of human values and social responsibility to apply this knowledge and skills.


Schools use Twin Kits, Twin App & Curriculum in their in-school/afterschool programs.

  • Twin Kits | With Twin’s award-winning, LEGO®-compatible STEM Kits, students can play with and learn from the latest technologies in robotics, coding, and autonomous cars with hands-on, fun activities.
  • Twin App | The Twin App allows students to share their projects with their peers; explore new topics through a vast library of DIY challenges (projects & experiments related and unrelated to activities found in the STEM Kits); discover fun facts while competing in a game of trivia and go on learning adventures. 
  • Curriculum | Twin curriculum provides 100+ hours of robotics, coding, and AI education. Since the content is adaptable to UK, US & IB, it can easily be implemented in the classroom. It is distinguished by its 4Good vision. In addition to the cognitive skills, Twin teaches Social and Emotional Learning skills by integrating United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


The two BESA Launchpad Subscribers came together a while ago and created an HTML-integrated block-code training that children can easily follow. The solution was developed on Cinema8’s interactive video technologies and as it is a SaaS solution, there was no need to invest in technology, deployment, and integration time and cost. Built on the Cinema8 Platform, Twin is able to represent its own corporate organization through Cinema8’s customization capabilities.


The main starting point was that both companies realized that by 2022 the majority of internet traffic will be video, and educators will need more than just traditional video, but something that delivers higher viewer engagement, more viewer data insights, content segmentation, increased engagement, and more. Using the Cinema8 platform, Twins was able to add layers, clickable areas, buttons, and more to create in-video games, surveys, questions, call-to-action functions, and so on.

Another award-winning solution, Cinema8 is an Interactive video platform that offers a complete solution for education and e-learning by delivering brand new video experiences through interactive videos. It offers storytelling, video portal, enterprise tube, advanced metrics, and more. Cinema8 requires no coding, all interactive elements are added to the video by drag and drop.

Currently, Twin has been very successful with this solution and has expanded its outreach. Also, the two companies went together to win two global awards based on animation and education.

The above study shows that only when stakeholders in the same industry come together can create success.