KAZ stands apart from other touch typing programs.

How did you hear about KAZ?

I met Keene Braganza in person at the Bett Exhibition in January 2019.

How important do you think the skill of touch typing is for students in today’s world?

I think it is as essential now as good handwriting. Typing is the medium of the future and to type accurately, at speed, will become a life skill, like tying shoe laces.

How have you implemented KAZ into your time table / learning?

As yet we are still trialing KAZ. Initially I was interested in providing a touch-typing platform for neurodiverse children but I am keen to have just one system which works well for all. We intend to adopt this across our schools next session.

What do you think of KAZ’s admin panel and recording of student progress?

I think it is very informative.

KAZ offering both a mainstream and SEN/Dyslexia edition in their school license – has this helped?

Yes, this is what stands KAZ apart from other touch-typing programs.

How efficient has KAZ been and are the children enjoying it?

We are still in the trial stage at present but the three children with whom I am using KAZ all enjoy it. The dyslexia-friendly fonts and tailored background colours are especially useful.

Our student trialist comments:

‘I think it has helped me a lot and I enjoy using it.’ – Lexi

‘It is great to be able to change the font and background colour.’ – Xander

‘I couldn’t believe how quickly I seemed to start touch-typing. In the first session I was able to type and look away from the screen!’ – Sophie

Is the fact that KAZ online can be used at school and at home a positive feature and why?

Yes, as children can consolidate their understanding and have more time to improve their skills, if they choose.

What do you think of KAZ?

I am impressed and hopeful that we will be able to take this onboard for our neurodiverse children, as well as every other.

KAZ’s Mainstream and Neurodiverse typing tutor was shortlisted as a Bett Finalist 2019.