Mo Chhibu, Senior IT Technician for Little Hill Primary School, was after a better  Broadband deal when it comes to speed, price and customer service. 

“We wanted to switch Broadband provider where we knew we’d get a better deal regarding speed, price and customer service. We also wanted to have a filter in place which would be very easy to unblock websites.


The installation went very smoothly and wasn’t complicated at all. The fact you talk with a Schools Broadband Engineer during this process helps ease the nerves and helps you to see results straight away. Broadband speed tripled by the end of the installation. The physical transition was done yet again very smoothly and the timing worked well during the School summer holidays.

Service Levels

Our internet speed is superfast and other members of staff in the School have commented. We are getting faster speeds than we’ve ever had before. The filtering is the best I have come across with no complications. When you go to unblock a website it works flawlessly for staff and pupils. We are making the most of our Broadband connection, using more devices such as IPads and laptops on a regular basis. The Internet connection is smooth sailing at all  times.

Value for Money and Customer Care

The cost is by far more reasonable than other vendors.  I like how I can call the customer service team if I need help. Any issues are resolved very efficiently. I can’t fault the service provided. I would highly recommend Schools Broadband to other Schools. I also have peace of mind regarding network security.”