Claire McKinnon, Headteacher at Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School in Netherton, outlines why she is so impressed with the service from Schools Broadband.

Seamless Transition

I keep forgetting that we are with Schools Broadband – simply because I don’t have any issues. The move to Schools Broadband was completely seamless for all of our staff and pupils. We migrated during the holidays and when we returned everything was up and running.

Reliable Service

Since the transition, we have had no issues at all. We are able to watch appropriate videos in school, which we couldn’t before – there is certainly less frustration in school from teachers than there was previously.

Easy to Manage Web Filtering

We manage the ‘acceptable list’ ourselves, so if we want access to a block site, we can unblock it – either temporarily or permanently. The whole system is extremely reliable and we are thrilled to have made the move.