ONVU Learning provide unique learning and teaching aids for the classroom, enabling education professionals to self-reflect, improve, get better results and make every lesson more effective and enjoyable.

This is what education professionals say about us

“ONVU Learning makes the invisible, visible. The ability to set up multiple camera angles simultaneously, to gain a complete picture, has proved very important.”
Assistant Principal, Academy

“I have control of the footage, it’s stored securely and only used for CPD within the set mentoring methodology, improving my performance.”
Teacher, Primary School

“The most valuable part of the process so far has been the time to reflect on my practice. I think schools are obviously very busy places and especially with the demands of being head of department and the drives for outcomes, I think it’s important to take the time and really focus on my teaching.”
Teacher, Academy

“Capturing the learning behaviour and when the students are mostly engaging or not with learning, that’s the absolute utopia of where lesson observation should be.”
Principal, UTC

“ONVU Learning incorporated into a CPD programme for a newly qualified teacher could really boost confidence and rather than falling into a rut, LessonVU may encourage greater creativity.”
Head of Modern Languages, Academy

“It’s had a massive impact on progress already, I used ONVU Learning with a year 9 class. I just marked their essays today and already they are achieving 30% higher grades.”
Second in English, Academy

“It’s helped me find my teaching passion again.”
Head of Modern Languages, Academy

“Teachers are desiring and demanding new stimulus materials, so ONVU Learning takes it to a whole new level of collaboration and sharing.”
Dan Lock-Wheaton, Principal, Aston University Academy

“Before, it was very much judgemental. But now I feel positive about lesson observation.”
Teacher, Academy

“I would recommend ONVU Learning to another teacher because it gives you the freedom to self-evaluate without the constraints of feeling that you are being judged.”
Head of Modern Languages, Academy

“The ONVU Learning System was very straight forward to set up. It was good as well that the system could be monitored remotely by the ONVU Learning engineers [without us requiring to open any ports in our files.”
ICT Network Manager, Academy

“I feel as head of department I have a responsibility to model the practice to people, not only the people in my team, but around the school as well. And this has given me the chance to really reflect on what I do well and also on where I need to improve.”
Teacher, Academy

“The flexibility, the level of detail and the quality is so much improved on 360° video purely because the camera gives that flexibiliy.”
Vice Principal, UTC

“That’s why the cameras are so key, rather than allowing a review once a month, they can be reviewed on a daily basis.”
Principal, UTC

“You see yourself as you really are, not when you are performing for someone else, but as you really are when nobody is there watching you.”
Head of Maths, Academy

“Nobody will be looking at these video‘s unless you want them to, It’s such a fabulous opportunity to do self observation in private, it really is useful.”
Head of Maths, Academy


ONVU Learning is a non-intrusive classroom observation system that is controlled by teachers. Its unique technology allows for the complete recording of 360-degree video and audio, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire lesson. Read more…


Increasingly, schools are embracing the best practices of reflection protocols. By giving the teacher the opportunity to review key aspects of a lesson in high definition video and audio, schools are able to put professional development into the teachers’ hands. This makes for more powerful, self-directed growth and gives teachers both autonomy and support. Read more…