By choosing a school website design and parent communication solution by New Era, Woolston Community Primary School saves money every year whilst keeping parents and carers up to date with ease.


New Era spoke to Craig Burgess, Headteacher at Woolston Community Primary School about their usage of New Era’s communication app SchoolPing and their new website designed by it’s education experts, to find out how it’s helping him and his colleagues on a daily basis and saving the school both time and money.


“Prior to getting SchoolPing we would communicate with parents via texts messages. It was too costly so we started looking for a better solution that would save us money whilst being easier to use. We found SchoolPing years ago and we still love it. We are saving at least £400 per year, and it makes communication with parents and carers so much easier!”


Having a communication solution that is easy to use for both the school and parents is key. SchoolPing will save schools money and time compared to costly text messages and printed letters, as well as being better for the environment. For Craig the last two years has emphasised the ease of use of SchoolPing.


“It is a crucial communication tool for our school and especially over the last two years during the pandemic. Our parents and carers find it easy to use and really helpful for keeping informed about school events and information. Knowing exactly who has opened messages has been vital and saved hundreds of working hours when schools were informing parents about Covid isolation periods for groups etc. We had to send an isolation message to a class at the start of the Christmas holidays in 2020. I did this, checked to see who had opened it and realised only two families hadn’t read the PING. This meant I just had to call two families rather than thirty families!”


With SchoolPing sharing images, news updates, videos, forms, payments and parent’s evening bookings is easy, but to share updates on the day to day life whilst attracting new parents to your school, your website is still an important factor and oftentimes the first place new parents will go to learn about your school and see the latest news.


“My parents and carers found the information we put on the school website vital over the Covid period and it has been incredibly easy to update this information in a timely way no matter where staff are working.”


New Era’s education experts are designing school websites with you in mind; they must be easy to navigate and update; hence your new website will be mobile responsive, Ofsted compliant and modern. Plus it is delivered with unlimited pages and full support included in your annual fee.


“We have used the New Era website for a while now and would not want to move providers. It is easy to use and update and we think it looks good. Our parents like it and we continue to be oversubscribed so the way we are presenting our school and communicating appears to be successful!”


Want to find out how SchoolPing or a new website can help your school? Contact our team directly.