SISRA Analytics enables us to effectively identify those students who would benefit from intervention in any given subject and easily identify those who have made good progress, who could be challenged to push on and make more than expected progress.

The filters within SISRA Analytics allow us to monitor the progress of specific cohorts, such as students who have joined the school late, those with low attendance and even those with summer birthdays.

SISRA Analytics is useful for all staff across the school:

  • Form Tutors are able to monitor the progress of students in their form group, recognising any issues early and providing extra support where necessary.
  • Class Teachers can monitor the performance of their students over a longer period of time and put systems in place to enhance progress.
  • Curriculum Leaders can see at a glance which classes are making good progress and identify those where support may be needed.
  • Achievement Coordinators can view students individually or in selected focus groups, which allows them to monitor progress and enables early intervention if required.

As we move through this academic year and future years, building our student history, we will be able to set benchmark comparators. It will be interesting to see, as students move through the grades, how this information informs our curriculum as we adapt our systems and intervention methods to ensure that all students make the best possible progress.

By using SISRA Analytics to ensure that all students are being challenged and making the best possible progress, the impact on the school performance as a whole will be unmistakable.

By Gill Edwards, Academy Data Manager, Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College.