Combining BESA Research and Public Data to Understand Schools: England

16 January 2024

Join us for this session to discover how to make the most of state education system data. 


11am - 12pm


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Join us for this session to discover how to make the most of state education system data. 




In the past ten years, the Department for Education and other institutions have made available an extensive volume of public data concerning England's state education system. This data encompasses various facets of school operations, extending beyond academic achievements to encompass financials, staffing, student attributes, and post-school pathways. For those engaged in or marketing to the English school system, this data serves as a pivotal yet often undervalued asset. When combined with BESA's research programme, public data offers opportunities to comprehend nationwide trends, monitor policy implications, evaluate schools individually, and facilitate informed targeting, provided one possesses the necessary insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • School Income and Expenditure Trends: Understand how schools allocate their resources, identify areas of investment, and assess the financial health of educational institutions. 
  • National and Local Patterns of Disadvantage: Identify regions or demographics that may require targeted support to address educational disparities. 
  • Gender Differences in Academic Performance and Subject Choice: Gain insights into gender-related trends in academic performance and subject preferences. 
  • Characterising and Segmenting Schools: Analyse data to categorize and segment schools based on various criteria such as size, location, student demographics, and academic performance.
  • School Hiring Trends: Investigate trends related to school hiring practices, including staff recruitment, retention, and professional development. Uncover patterns in teacher qualifications, experience, and turnover rates. 
  • Developments in Ofsted's Inspection Priorities and Outcomes: Stay up-to-date with the evolving priorities and outcomes of Ofsted inspections. Understand how regulatory changes and evaluation criteria impact schools' performance assessments.


Peter Doyle, Policy Manager, British Educational Suppliers Association

Peter Doyle is a Policy Analyst at the British Educational Suppliers Association. Before joining BESA, Peter previously worked for an EdTech start-up, developing products and curricula for the primary sector.






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