Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across the Curriculum

11 January 2024

Join us for an enlightening session with Nic Ponsford as we delve into the world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) across the curriculum.


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Join us for an enlightening session with Nic Ponsford as we delve into the world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) across the curriculum.


Discover the fundamentals of DEI, explore what's on the horizon for DEI, including DEIJB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging), intersectionality, and the concept of hyperdiversity.

What is DEI?

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and why it's crucial in today's world.

What's next for DEI?

  • Dive into the future of DEI, including emerging trends like DEIJB, intersectionality, and the concept of hyperdiversity.

DEI Trends in the curriculum

  • Explore the current DEI trends related to educational curriculum, with a focus on improving access, diversity, and inclusion for both staff and students.

Ensuring Inclusivity in Your Approach

  • Learn how you can ensure you are inclusive in your approach in all aspects of education, from products and communications to recruitment and services.

Diversifying Your Partnerships

  • Discover actionable steps to diversify your partnerships.

Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your understanding of DEI and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout your educational journey. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion led by Nic Ponsford.

Nic Ponsford FRSA FIESE, Award-winning CEO & Founder of the Global, Equality Collective (GEC)

After working in education for over 20 years as a teacher, school leader, trainer, and coach, Nic wanted to find an accessible means to make ordinary classrooms extraordinarily inclusive.

Nic is passionate about creating a level playing field for everyone in education, but especially those from underserved groups. In 2017, Nic set up the Global Equality Collective (GEC) to address 'one of the biggest issues in education' - diversity and inclusion.

The Global Equality Collective (GEC) – a global multi-award-winning grassroots movement of over 13,000 changemakers and a collective of 300-plus DEI subject matter experts. The GEC also created the world’s first D&I platform for schools and educational organisations, which is a knowledge-based, benchmarking tool to audit and improve D&I progress. Following a leadership-led Self-Assessment process, ‘GEC Platform’ members then access 360, academically tested surveys for both Staff and Students, capturing their unique perspectives and needs like never before. Analytical results are provided alongside QAed recommendations, for every question and statement, together with an action plan to drive improvement for their very own DE&I ecosystem.

All data quality is assured by the Global Equality Collective. The GEC Platform recently won the 'DEI Platform of the Year’ - Women in IT (UK) - where the judges were blown away by the simplicity and success of the DEI technology. The GEC Platform was also runner-up in the Global Edtech Startup Awards 2023.

Nic is dedicated to transforming the lives of underrepresented young people and ‘usualising’ difference. She is an experienced interviewee and speaker, a Doctorate Researcher #CEMPDOC, a Fellow of both the RSA and IESE for work in education and inclusion, Award-winning ed-tech leader with a demonstrated history both in the classroom and in the e-learning industry.

Nic is also a Harvard-published author and a Director of EdtechUK as well as a Judge for UK EdTech50. Nic was headhunted to work on the DfE Edtech Demonstrator Programme onboarding 11k schools to get online during the pandemic lockdown. Nic has since been headhunted to lead on further Dfe projects based on edtech and inclusion, such as the Assistive Technology (AT) Pilot and Programme with nasen and Microlink.

Nic is also Co-Deputy Head of Education, where she is leading the change in advancing AT training and professional development, as part of the transformative ‘BeThATTeacher’ initiative).

Back in 2005, Nic won a Pearson Teaching Award for ‘Outstanding New Teacher’ Since this, Nic most recently has been recognised as one of Europe's top 50 women in tech through the #InspiringFiftyEurope2022 award, gained a Rising Star Award (Education and Academia) and was a finalist for BETT 2023 ‘Innovator of the Year’.

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