Early Years Resourcing 2021: Are we seeing a Revival?

15 June 2021

BESA published its Early Years Resourcing 2021 research report this month.


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BESA published its Early Years Resourcing 2021 research report this month.



With significant changes in the way nurseries are operated and funded over recent years, this review considers changes that may impact resource budgeting and procurement since the last report in 2013.The report examines the way the market place is changing and the resulting implications for product purchasing, supplier engagement and technology preferences. Over 600 private group-based and school-based establishments responded. All responses are from subscribers to the National Education Research Panel (NERP) operated by C3 Education.

The outcomes provide your company with insights covering:

  • how many private and school-based nurseries there are in England
  • how much they spend on resources
  • where spending reductions occurred in 2020
  • how they find out about suppliers

This data will help you to better understand the current Early Years market. It will also provide invaluable data to help identify and shape business development opportunities.

Join Richard Connor (Author and Managing Partner at C3 Education) for an hour as he presents a walk-through of the results.

Richard Connor Managing Partner & Head of Research, C3 Education

Richard has been conducting market research exclusively in the schools’ sector for over 25 years. Beginning his path at BESA then founding C3 Education in 1996. To enable robust and representative data on the UK marketplace, the National Education Research Panel (NERP) was founded in 2005. Most recently, the International Education Research Panel (IERP) has been launched to cover English-medium international schools.

Building on his experience running several educational software/content companies, Richard has developed a wide range of research projects using innovative methodologies that have proven effective in this sector. The outcome is robust customer and prospect insight that helps build successful business strategies.

Please note that the webinar and research is free of charge and for BESA members and Launchpads only.