Inspiring ways to use Social Media to stand out and reach teachers

18 September 2024

Join us for an insightful event delving into the world of social media engagement for educators.


11am - 12pm


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Join us for an insightful event delving into the world of social media engagement for educators.



Discover where teachers and school leaders hang out online, their preferences, and interests. Learn how to add value to their social media experience by providing relevant content and resources. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your social media presence and connect with the education community in meaningful ways. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding Teacher Engagement on Social Media: Gain insights into the preferred social media platforms of teachers and school leaders, as well as their motivations and interests while engaging on these platforms.
  2. Adding Value through Social Media Engagement: Explore strategies to enhance value for teachers and school leaders through social media interactions, such as providing useful resources, sharing educational content, offering professional development opportunities, and fostering community engagement.
  3. Optimising Platform Selection and Leverage: Identify the most effective social media platforms for reaching and engaging with teachers and school leaders. Learn how to leverage these platforms efficiently to amplify messages, build brand awareness, and cultivate meaningful relationships within the education community.
Guest Speaker:
Jodie Lopez, Education Technology Business Consultant, The Edtech Ninja

Jodie Lopez a.k.a The EdTech Ninja, is an award-winning primary school teacher. She has received recognition for her use of technology in the classroom. In 2012 she joined Pearson where she launched their Champion Schools Programme across multiple education brands. 

Jodie now combines her teaching background with her extensive sales and customer service experience to support EdTech companies and enable them to grow. This includes work with Sumdog, 2Simple, Learning Ladders and Third Space Learning. Her passion is in helping companies to create products and services which work for teachers, students and parents. 


To register your interest, or to ask any questions, please email eventsteam@besa.org.uk. 

We look forward to having you join us for an enlightening and enriching experience!

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