Combining BESA Research and Public Data to Understand Schools: Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales

11 December 2023

This webinar will help you analyse public data to reach new markets in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 


11am - 12pm


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Free for BESA members, £50 for non-BESA members

This webinar will help you analyse public data to reach new markets in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 



Join us to discover how BESA research can be combined with public data to enable informed decision-making and improved educational outcomes across Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Delve into comprehensive analyses of public data that encompass academic performance, financial trends, staffing, and more. Explore BESA’s unique insights into school income and expenditure patterns, illuminating how resources are allocated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Gain in-depth insights into schools across Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales through thorough analyses of public data. Understand academic performance, finances, staffing, and more.
  • Data-Driven Allocation: Explore school income and expenditure trends to uncover how resources are allocated. Learn how financial decisions impact educational outcomes and resource utilisation.
  • Equity and Localisation: Uncover patterns of disadvantage unique to each region, aiding targeted support efforts. Understand localised challenges and work towards equitable education for all students.
  • Strategic Education Enhancement: Utilise data to enhance education strategies. Tailor approaches to gender-specific academic performance, segment schools for targeted initiatives, optimise hiring practices and align efforts with inspection priorities for continual improvement.


Peter Doyle, Policy Analyst, British Educational Suppliers Association

Peter Doyle is a Policy Analyst at the British Educational Suppliers Association. Before joining BESA, Peter previously worked for an EdTech start-up, developing products and curricula for the primary sector.






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