3D modelling software


Touchable Universe makes learning simulations much more authentic by adding a sense of gravity, weight, density, texture, magnetism and resistance to virtual environments.

In the Bett Futures area of Bett, we will be launching a new suite of applications specifically for use in education.

Our Cloud 9 full-featured creative 3D modelling software package won the 3DPrintShow Global Award for Best Consumer Software, because if offers the authentic ability to feel objects being worked on, making creative expression much more realistic.

Teachers recognise the challenge of transferring an understanding of concepts such as the periodic table. Our Hapticapps apps have been designed to use force feedback to bring difficult concepts to life. Whether you want to create H2O and add energy to feel what happens as it progresses from ice to water to steam, or to pull electrons off and experience the gravitational forces at play, our apps offer the ideal teaching tool to effectively inspire students to learn.

Students can memorise key concepts using a simulation of magnetic force, gaming concepts and muscle memory. Mismatched words bounce, slide and repel until brought next to a good match, when they magnetically attach. They can even experience electrical resistance and logic gates as they travel around their own custom designed circuit board.

We look forward to seeing you on stand 3 in the Bett Futures area where we’ll be showing our Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows students to create their own haptic apps in minutes.

Website: www.touchableuniverse.net

Twitter: @tryhapticstoday