YouHue – Healthy technology aims to increase mental health in schools [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Making social and emotional education accessible for everyone

Emotions play an important role in classrooms. They have a big impact on learning and classroom culture, and they can tell teachers a lot about how their students are learning. Mental health research increasingly emphasises the education young people receive around social-emotional learning or SEL. The focus of SEL is young people learning to understand and manage their emotions around learning, communicating, working with others, and solving problems. Successful SEL is proven to increase academic achievement, lower behavioural issues, and improve long-term mental and physical health.

Yet, emotions in the classroom, as in life, are complicated. Introducing SEL programmes is a big ask when teachers are already working overtime to support children in reading, maths, science, and the arts. Many schools struggle to incorporate SEL programmes successfully (or at all) due to lack of time, money, teacher training, or simply to a lack of understanding about where to begin. At YouHue we asked, is there a way to make SEL more accessible and effective for all schools?

YouHue began in 2015 as part of a research project to help advance SEL education worldwide by integrating the psychology of emotions, child development, education, and healthy technology design. We are a growing team of psychologists, researchers, educators, and technologists based in New York City, London, and Dubai.

To meet the challenges facing SEL education, we designed an app and accompanying lesson plans to help children identify their emotions and communicate their needs. YouHue helps surface and make sense of that information so schools and parents can better support student success. Our app is currently used in pilot classrooms in several countries including the USA, the UK, and the UAE.

YouHue can be easily and effectively used in any classroom at low monetary, time, and resource cost. It helps teachers engage a generation of students that has grown up with cutting-edge tech as standard and enables teachers to use data to make education more effective. Our technology is easy enough to use that every teacher can implement the programme at a standard of quality that better assures improved outcomes and real-world behaviour change.

Our team designs with the psychological health of teachers and students in mind, integrating the insights, observations, and experiences of educators with the forefront of psychological research and healthy technology design. We believe the right technology tools can serve as assistants to expand the abilities of educators to support students’ success in academics and in life.

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For more information, visit YouHue’s website.