Ada: bringing programming, electronics and more to Bett


Curious Chip is a young business from Scotland who creates products designed to make digital making ridiculously easy and accessible for anyone and everyone. Our new product, Ada, is a computer designed for kids that enables them to get started with programming, electronics and other forms of digital creation such as art and music. Ada combines hardware, software and learning materials in a simple and easy to use package.  

We’ve always felt that the early home computers of the 1980s offered a sense of “immediacy” that has largely been lost by the current generation of devices. We’re seeking to bring a bit of this back, but with a more up to date set of features and capabilities. 

Next year we’ll be showing the next iteration of Ada at Bett Futures for the purposes of getting feedback and seeing how educators and kids react to our new design – we’ve made a substantial number of changes to it since last year based on feedback we received and are really excited to find out what people think.

We’re on stand 24 in the Bett Futures area and look forward to seeing you there.

Website: http://thisisada.com

Twitter: @MakeWithAda