Amolingua – Learning a foreign language includes understanding its cultural context [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Amolingua offers you and your business the tools necessary to work in a global marketplace without the restrictions that come from being an outsider in other cultures.

Our services include language learning, memory training, cultural studies, and other personal skills necessary for today’s multicultural world. We can help you break down the cultural and linguistic barriers that can make communicating with other cultures difficult, while providing you and your staff with soft skills that will benefit your business as a whole.

Our memory training helps enhance focus and data retention, which can give you the edge in negotiation and boost your productivity. Meanwhile, the cultural training can make sure that you are as culturally fluent as you will be fluent in your chosen language.

By working with our tutors online, you can learn a new language in a personalised experience – that keeps your schedule intact with our flexible scheduling, helps your pronunciation thanks to the tutor, and lets you understand the culture in an organic manner. Our carefully chosen and trained tutors come from universities around the world to make sure that you have the best possible experience with them, studying the language and learning the do’s and don’ts of their cultures.

This personalised training can adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the vocabulary you need to know for work or life, and carry you forward from previous experiences learning the language. Should you need to amplify your knowledge of the language and culture for business or focus on pronunciation and grammar for a language you have previously studied, these face-to-face tutors can help you achieve your goals. 

The use of our platform, along with our original content, can give you a smooth learning experience where daily exercises, readings, videos, recordings, and grammar examples lead you through learning the language of your choice in our self-study courses. These courses provide daily exercises that promote the habits of learning, generating better outcomes as compared to longer but farther removed lessons.

Our interactive platform also promotes beneficial community development with other learners while you study in your own time on your own terms. Working with others allows you to benefit from a combined educational experience where questions are worked through by everyone sharing insights where individuals alone cannot advance.

A team of tutors will be monitoring these self-study courses, helping you when needed and guiding web-based seminars to help with pronunciation and conversational skills. These seminars will help you delve deeper into the skills and the cultural training already being developed by the daily exercises. These courses can help you better understand the language you are trying to learn and slowly but surely achieve the level you desire with varied daily exercises and a community of learners and tutors who will study along with you, helping you through the learning process.

For more information, visit Amolingua’s website.