Why go to an international show with BESA? Here’s your answer!

Here at BESA, we run and take part in over 20 events per year both in the UK and across the world. There, exhibitors meet with potential partners, organisers and customers to build connections and do business with one another.

In order for these events to run as smoothly as possible, a select group of passionate people are ready to ensure every exhibitor gets the most out of the experience: the BESA events team. William Prieto-Parra, Abi Ross-Jackson, Yasmin Barnett, Lois Mills and Roisin McHugh are fully equipped and always accessible to run the show.

We are the bridge between customer and exhibitor, offering companies help to prepare to exhibit their products to the public while fostering connections with potential partners.

As BESA is a Trade Challenge Partner with DIT, we are able to offer unique support to our exhibitors, including grants towards the exhibition costs. We provide a starting point to help companies launch into the international education market.

Our BESA team remains neutral and helps every company that needs it, giving exhibitors their honest and most trustworthy advice.

They are the ‘go-to’ people for exhibitors and they can offer new exhibitors or new exporters a unique insight into the world of exhibiting. For example, they can tell you the do’s and don’ts of doing business with the Middle East, the U.S.A, South East Asia and further afield.

This is an exciting year for the BESA events team. We will be at EduTECH, in Sydney, next week, before going to ISTE in Chicago, U.S.A. After the summer, we will go to GESS Indonesia in September, Didac India in October and L&T Expo in Hong Kong in December.

What to look forward to when exhibiting abroad with BESA?

At each event, you can be sure that we will have negotiated a great location for the UK Pavilion, and we will likely include special stand packages and add-ons at no extra cost.

The BESA events team here do not only work hard behind the scenes to make sure every event runs perfectly and leaves everyone happy, they are on hand at any moment to offer exhibitors unique support in displaying their products.

The team adds the perfecting, final touches to a show before anyone has even walked through the doors; the weight of worry that comes with logistics is carefully considered pre-game to any exhibition to ensure every second runs just as well as any exhibitor would hope.

Whether this be making sure everything is in place and ready for exhibitors to set up or chasing up on name tags and leaflets for product displays, the team has every detail taken care of.

Even when you aren’t an exhibitor at a particular show, our team will represent your company and products as best as they can by showcasing brochures and information on your behalf on our exhibition stand.

From start to finish, BESA is there to make sure your exporting experience is as successful as possible!