Bringing cost effective supply cover into the 21st century


The UK education system has been asking for an efficient and cost effective system for supply cover for many years; for too long, the traditional methods of sourcing supply teachers have not been ideal.

So, our aim at SickCover was to bring education recruitment into the digital age. Using our platform, schools can source supply teachers in a more cost-effective way. We have utilised technology to bring cost savings to schools and make the education recruitment market more competitive.

With schools facing increasingly stretched budgets and with the continuing teaching crisis SickCover is something that has never been in more demand. It was my belief that schools shouldn’t be paying large finders’ fees when they needed supply cover, or for a teacher on a full-time basis, as this acts as a barrier to securing full time positions.

Our ethos is that we genuinely want to improve the market for schools and supply teachers. So if you have any comments, or feedback please come to see us at Bett on stand 41.

Website: www.sickcover.com 

Twitter: @sickcoveruk