Cloning good teaching on Studyzone.tv


As a year 6 teacher with ten years’ experience, I became increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t work with different groups of children in my class all at the same time; what I longed for, was to clone myself so that I’d have an additional teacher in the class! Of course, this wasn’t possible.

I realised that videos lessons of concise, clear teaching resources that were aligned to the curriculum were the ideal solution. So I started making short videos that teachers, parents or children could watch, either at home or in school: Studyzone.tv was born.

Now, Studyzone.tv has grown to be an online learning resource that makes videos, worksheets and interactive games easily available for teachers, teaching assistants, parents and children. I have built it from the ground up.

The site includes over nine hours of short video lessons linked to English grammar, computer coding and maths, supported by printable worksheets and interactive games.

Despite the growing number of resources available, simplicity and ease-of-use have remained a top priority, demonstrated through the use of our unique QR code login system which allows children to be logged in and up and running in seconds.

We’d welcome the opportunity of showing you Studyzone.tv in more detail at Bett. Please come to see us on stand G360.

Website: https://www.studyzone.tv

Twitter: @studyzonetv