EdTech Free Trials – A safe environment to connect with suppliers [#BettFuturesTakeover]

The sale of products and services within the education sector, especially in the UK, has become very high pressured and in a lot of cases, unpleasant.

Potential buyers are being subjected to intense and relentless sales and marketing activities and campaigns, which has taken the joy away from exploring exciting new products and services. It has also had a negative effect on sales of EdTech, with many fantastic products and services remaining undiscovered.

We wanted to turn this around by creating a safe, simple environment where buyers can connect with suppliers without losing an arm when enquiring about a product or service. Buyers can now get a completely free trial with no strings attached and no high-pressure sales tactics, from a multitude of suppliers.

How does it work?

Firstly, go to, and:

• Search the category and age range that you are interested in
• Select a supplier
• Click to request a free trial

You will then receive the following 3 calls:

Call 1 – Contact from your chosen supplier to arrange your free trial.
Call 2 – A call mid-way through your trial to ask how it’s going and whether you need any support or training.
Call 3 – A call at the end of the trial period to ask for feedback and whether or not you wish to buy.

Code of conduct:

All of our suppliers have agreed to a code of conduct and will strictly adhere to the above process.