Effectively using free Windows 10 apps







It was based on several years working in IT followed by 10 years’ experience teaching French and German in UK secondary schools, that I founded theLanguageApp. I strongly believe the latest Windows 10 platform has great potential for language students who are revising for exams.

The quality of the new Windows ecosystem and my students’ enthusiasm to use new technologies are both the source of my motivation. My ideas come directly from the classroom and the revision apps I’ve created so far are in constant evolution. Students are encouraged to post reviews, send feedback and suggestions; meaning they themselves are playing a big part in shaping the project.

theLanguageApp is a series of free Windows 10 apps designed to assist students with their pronunciation, memory techniques, vocab learning and grammar practice.

I will continue working on the project in 2017, alongside my main teaching job, and future updates will bring new languages to the mix; the concept will also be tailored to suit students in other European countries.

I am very excited to be part of the Bett Futures cohort this year and am looking forward to meeting education specialists, school leaders and other Windows 10 enthusiasts. See you there on stand 48.

Website: http://thelanguageapp.uk/

Twitter: @thelanguageapp