Enabling teachers to offer ‘real-time’ support


Historically, technology was seen as a ‘value-add’ to education. It was shown to support learning and, in the UK, schools were given ring-fenced funding to invest in and broaden their EdTech infrastructure.

Today, in our increasingly digital world, technology is very much embedded into the daily learning process. In line with this evolution, we created Spiral, a suite of collaborative web apps that aim to enhance teaching and support active learning. It has been designed in collaboration with the Institute of Learning, UCL, and a number of UK schools to enable teachers to integrate technology into day-to-day learning activities, foster collaboration and facilitate formative assessment.

Spiral is building a global education business, offering innovative, easy-to-use and well-researched collaborative apps to help teachers make the most of personal devices that are currently being rolled-out to schools around the world. 

With Spiral, everyone can join in using their personal devices. All students tell the teacher what they know at the time of learning providing rich language-led formative assessment. Many teachers only get to see developmental needs when the children are tested. However, the optimum time to give support is at the point of learning giving students feedback and appropriate support in real-time is vital. With Spiral, the teacher can address these common misconceptions and make sure the whole class progresses.

Spiral is growing rapidly, with over 150,000 users in 140 countries around the world with 80 per cent of these users coming from the USA alone.

If you’d like to find out more about Spiral and how it can enhance teaching and support classroom learning, we’ll be on stand 2 in the Bett Futures area at Bett 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

Website: http://spiral.ac

Twitter: @SpiralEducation