Expede IT – A range of services for the numerous strategic demands on education institutions [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Through its work in higher education, the Expede Group found that most institutions are tackling numerous strategic demands concurrently – from the recruitment, engagement and retention of students, through meeting rising student expectations to improving student employability – and all against the backdrop of managing costs while providing best-of-breed back-office systems.

We have developed products and services that assist universities in five key areas:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Institutions need to develop their response to globalisation, overheads, student expectation, technology, estates, talent and research to reflect their own circumstances. Expede helps assess, align and articulate ICT strategies to support that response.
  2. Programme Development: Once the strategy has been defined, a programme of works incorporating the entire IT Services landscape – from organisational change to operational maturation – requires development, budgeting, and championing at the highest level. Expede develops, articulates and delivers that programme.
  3. Organisational Change: Cost efficiencies and service improvements can be found by integrating back-office functions and, where sensible, consolidating campus support functions. Expede helps organisations assess, refine, and reshape their IT Services Operating Models to maximum effect with minimal disruption.
  4. Infrastructure Deployment: Rising student expectations and intense competition as students take on larger financial burdens for their studies mean institutions must continue to invest in infrastructure, meeting those expectations, supporting business process improvements, and facilitating flexible modern education practices. Expede’s subject matter expertise in fixed-wired and wireless networks, through datacentre implementation to the rollout of cloud-based services help every step of the way.
  5. Transition Management: Transitioning to a new operational model aligned to your organisation’s strategic imperatives needs to be handled sympathetically yet firmly, with reviews against agreed key indicators, to ensure satisfied students, reduced costs and improved reputation are realised and sustained. Expede’s interim business change team have the capacity, knowledge and experience to ensure this happens smoothly.

Engaging with Expede often starts with a meeting, spawning small pieces of work which identify gaps between strategic ambition and implementation planning. From here we identify the direction work will flow – either through Expede’s consultancy division or as candidates for implementation of the new YADA Campus platform.

YADA Campus is a virtual platform for learners and educators to manage the entire higher education journey from recruitment to graduation and beyond. YADA takes learners through class enrolment, introducing them to other classmates, study groups and student events. It enables learners to create their own events and societies, walks them through their timetable and library registration enabling them to interact with lectures in real-time.

For academic institutions, YADA makes administration simple. YADA can register lecture attendees, set timetables, enable lecturers to display materials, take polls during lessons, and gather feedback on course content while measuring student engagement. YADA is a self-service platform, which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any academic institution.


Showcasing at Bett 2018 for the first time, YADA Campus offers a single platform at a time when students in higher education use approximately twenty different apps to communicate with their learning institution, making life simple for students and educators. YADA takes care of it all, in one place.

If you would like to know more about the Expede Group, Expede IT Solutions or YADA Campus visit us on stand E391 in the Bett Futures Corner!

For more information, visit Expede IT’s website.