Help students think and learn at the same time!





Markit Education is designed for passionate educators who seek out more academically rigorous material to helps students think and learn at the same time!

According to the Education Endowment Foundation, feedback increases progress of a student by 160 per cent. However, feedback is often delayed and loses impact by the time it is delivered.

We are a team of maths and physics teachers who worry that students do not seek/get feedback on work they do at home. Effort is made, but the learning is reliant on someone being there to help. So we created MarkIt!!, a website that helps students tackle exam style questions with timely and relevant feedback.

As a result, we make STEM subjects less about learning and more about thinking. Our approach is to teach students the deductive reasoning and logic behind the concepts in A level maths and physics. Students get feedback on mistakes and guidance on the process of getting to the answer. Their effort is made meaningful and they come away enlightened after just 10 minutes of work!

We look forward to seeing you on stand number 32 in the Bett Futures area.


Twitter: – Markit_Edu OR Markit_Physics