The Importance of Continued Professional Development for Teachers

Thanks to the growth of online training, Continued Professional Development comes in a variety of forms, ranging from traditional school training days to e-learning. However, the overriding purpose remains the same: to help teachers continually improve the quality of their teaching.

We have compiled a list of the main benefits that CPD can offer teachers, highlighting how important it is:

Staying up to date with industry developments

Teaching methods are continually developing, and CPD gives teachers the opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies which enable them to keep up with colleagues who have just finished training. 

With UK Schools annually spending £900M on education technology, CPD also allows teachers to keep up to date with the latest developments which can be utilised to enhance everyday teaching.

Pupil interaction skills

CPD gives teachers the chance to reinforce existing skills, as well as learning new ones that aren’t covered during teacher training.

For example, 88% of school leaders believe that Initial Teacher Training does not adequately prepare teachers to help those who have special education needs and disabilities (SEND). Further training can allow teachers to build on their interaction skills and learn strategies for helping these pupils to achieve their full potential.

Practise makes perfect

A survey carried out with medical students at Yale University showed that the surgical students who practised using a simulation performed better than those who did not.

Teachers can use the same type of simulation training to improve classroom management and interaction with difficult pupils in a safe environment.

Our virtual reality training allows teachers to interact with pupils in real time and practise areas that they are struggling with until they feel comfortable dealing with these situations in the classroom.

Increased motivation

CPD has been shown to increase teacher motivation, confidence and commitment to teaching. Learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more stimulating and effective teaching environment.

You can find out more about C-Learn, connect’s CPD approved e-learning courses here (http://iwanttoconnect.co.uk/send-education-awareness/clearn-education/).