Introducing entrepreneurial learning

Simply Do Ideas

There is growing recognition that developing enterprising behaviours has a positive impact on career outcomes. This is no longer just about starting businesses but about meeting employers’ demands for more creative, independent and action-focused recruits. I am therefore delighted to see strategic shifts in curriculum frameworks to include entrepreneurial learning.

From personal research (in both my PGCE and Masters in Enterprise Education) and from having worked in colleges and universities where I have successfully embedded enterprise across the curriculum, I have first-hand knowledge about teaching enterprise and entrepreneurship; I have experienced the inertia in its uptake amongst colleagues. I’m particularly sensitive to the challenges in our global economy and the demands placed on our educational systems and I’m privileged to be a part of this (very necessary) ‘enterprise revolution’.

Simply Do Ideas is a web-based platform built on top of tried and tested techniques in order to effectively teach enterprise and entrepreneurship. We work across the educational spectrum, from schools through to colleges and universities, and also with start-up support organisations, to help young entrepreneurs map-out and plan their businesses; many of whom use such plans to go on and actually start a business.

At Bett 2017 I am excited to meet educators and students; to find out more about their views on enterprise education and to see if Simply Do Ideas can, as it has with other institutions, really revolutionise enterprise learning. We look forward to seeing you on stand 45.

Website: https://simplydo.io

Twitter: @SimplyDoIdeas