Introducing Tassomai for Key Stage 3 English, maths and science

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By Tassomai founder Murray Morrison

I started Tassomai with a simple purpose: to make learning more effective, and to make more effective learners.

I first built the platform not only to help my students improve their recall and understanding, but also to help them build solid routines and behavioural foundations, making them stronger, more confident independent learners. So I’m really excited to tell you that for next year, we’re offering Tassomai at KS3 to cover the core subjects of English, maths and science.

Tassomai originally covered all core subjects for KS2 and KS3, but it was the level of demand in schools for KS4 science that meant that this became our focus over the past few years. We now have over 100,000 students using the platform to cover 10 million personalised science learning questions each week. But this is only scratching the surface of what a tool as powerful as Tassomai can do for students – and what it can do for a school.

We’ve seen for the past few years that the program is most effective in schools that roll out Tassomai for full cohorts of students across the whole of their KS4. The reasons are clear: giving students more time to spread their learning makes progress through the comprehensive course material more achievable. More importantly, the extra time greatly boosts the learning impact of the system’s personalised curriculum design: it ensures a range of knowledge is retested and reinforced when needed, building stronger foundations and students’ abilities to apply that knowledge.

Adding in English, maths and science for years 7 and 8 will, we believe, hugely amplify the effect on student learning, not only from the direct impact we can have on knowledge recall and application, but from the true benefit that Tassomai can build. The software instils sustainable, beneficial learning habits, gives teachers the data and evidence to plan their curriculum decisions, and ensures that all students in the school spend a few minutes each day on mindful, deliberate practice. This is how Tassomai strengthens student performance in the key underpinnings that create successful learners in future years.

We know that the benefits to teachers and school leaders will be instantly tangible: immediate data that profiles their new intake of year 7 students, a self-marking homework for core subjects and a ready-to-go, personalised activity for lesson starters, tutor time and cover when needed. Above all, schools will benefit from a powerful learning tool that ensures that all students, of all abilities are working towards realising their potentials.

Questions & Answers

We’ll be sharing more details about the new Key Stage 3 content in the run up to the new academic year, but meanwhile here are some answers to some questions you may have. If you want to ask us anything else, please do contact us.

Q. Will schools that sign up now get early access to the KS3 content?

A. No, we won’t be releasing the KS3 content until the Autumn term, but schools that take up our Early Bird offer can get their KS4 students started now at no extra cost.

Q. Do schools have to use KS3 Tassomai for all 3 subjects?

A. Not necessarily. Schools may want to continue to use Tassomai purely for science, but the price will be the same regardless of whether they’re accessing KS3 content for one, two or three subjects.

Q. How will Daily Goals work for KS3 students? Will there be a separate Daily Goal for each subject?

A. We’re working on new features for the Teacher Dashboard that will enable teachers in different departments to set goals for different subjects.

Q. How much will Tassomai for Key Stage 3 students cost?

A. We appreciate that school budgets are under pressure and we have adjusted our prices to make Tassomai as affordable as possible. Schools using Tassomai across 5 year groups will pay at most £5 per student, you can read more about our new prices here.