ITSI – How to combine your traditional teaching methodology with cutting-edge technology [#BettFuturesTakeover]

What ITSI does

In a world where education is constantly changing, whether it be the curriculum, assessments or accountability measures, it is important that as educators and education technology providers, we think of ways that we can blend technology together with the traditional curriculum. The area where many educators have struggled in the past is finding a way to implement this without losing the key focus: teaching and learning. ITSI manages to strike the perfect balance, combining academic rigour with the flexibility of technology; thereby reducing the workload, but not the role of the teacher, and providing opportunities for engagement through the devices that today’s students expect and respond to.

ITSI provides a range of resources that aim to save educators time and provide learners with a personalised approach, allowing students to modify their resources by highlighting, annotating and inserting hyperlinks and images. We know that students create memory links in different ways when revising, which is why these resources allow for creative note taking, without the worry of having to return the book.

The ITSI Product

Teachers use a whole range of pedagogic strategies and educational resources with their students every day, which is why ITSI created resources that reflect this. ITSI offers digital textbooks through the miEbooks app, which is available on various devices. A benefit of using an app like this is that it gives students the ability to access their learning materials at any place and time, meaning they can continue their learning at home. Whether this is for homework, revision or just to read over their lesson notes, the technology provides students with the autonomy to stay on top of their learning.

To make this process for educators as easy as possible, the ITSI Educator Console works in conjunction with miEbooks to allow educators to create, manage and insert learning resources directly into students’ textbooks, ensuring that all students have access to all content provided in class wherever they may need it.

Through the ITSI platform educators can see a real-time overview of class behaviour, providing them with valuable user-analytics. It gives educators the opportunity to explore individual attainment and engagement to see how students are interacting with their books and the information in general, which can lead to effective adaptation of the resources provided in order to create engaging material going forward.

Why visit ITSI’s stand?

Visit ITSI’s stand (B111) to learn how you can combine your traditional teaching methodology with cutting-edge technology. We’ll be hosting live demonstrations of our products, highlighting how these can be effective for your school, college or university. In addition to this, acknowledging our South African heritage, this year at Bett, ITSI will be offering one lucky teacher an EdTech trip of a lifetime to South Africa, exploring not only the heritage and natural beauty of the country, but also providing opportunities to gain insight into its education system. You will experience first-hand how technology is transforming classrooms across South Africa. Visitors will be entered into the draw when they book a free demo with ITSI before or during Bett 2018!

For more information, visit ITSI’s website.