Join the Pobble Testing Club!

Are you always full of good ideas? Would you like to have an impact on our platform, that thousands of teachers, pupils and parents love to use every day? Well, we want to hear more! We know that putting your feedback into action means the platform flourishes. Your input makes Pobble amazing for our entire community.

That’s why we’ve launched the Pobble Testing Club. Through our sessions, we gather honest feedback from Pobble users. Perhaps, we can make a page more understandable, a task quicker to complete or a part of the platform more relevant for you. For example, this is why we recently introduced an easier way for you to source exemplar texts for your lessons.

Through the TC, classroom teachers, support staff, headteachers and parents get to see and influence new features. We will also gather feedback from pupils, within their safe, comfortable classroom environments. Every opinion matters and the Pobble team deeply values the time users spend with us.

Testing Club sessions often involve testing prototypes, evaluating sketches, discussing on panels, answering surveys and ideating collaboratively. We run most sessions remotely via video chat, which means you can have your say, wherever you are.

Becoming a Club member has some clear benefits:

  • Your professional observations help us build a platform that not only improves your own planning time and your class’ attainment but also supports teachers like you all around the world.
  • The positive impact you can have on children’s writing is widespread. It will no longer stop with your own school or town – Your thoughts and ideas will affect pupils all over the globe.
  • You get an exclusive preview into what the Pobble technology team are creating, weeks and months ahead of other users. You have the power to say what works and what doesn’t.

Are you excited? Anyone can join the Club! It’s free and super easy. Whether you teach a primary school class, you’re a literacy coordinator, a supply teacher or a parent – everyone is welcome.

For more information and to sign up to the Pobble Testing Club, visit the website. If you have any questions, simply email Carly.