KANDA.CARE – Achieve consistency with behaviour data [#BettFuturesTakeover]

KANDA.CARE is a low-cost, high-impact, mobile behaviour and learning management system for schools. An intuitive tool which is quick to learn and use, it ensures robust, consistent ‘on the go’ data capture is possible. A straightforward approach that saves administration costs and releases teacher time and stress, KANDA.CARE gives schools a solution to achieve total consistency in the cycle of collecting data, analysis and intervention. Customised to your schools’ unique identity and values, and making links between behaviour, teaching and personalised learning to deliver evidence-based school improvement. Designed with maximum engagement for students and staff at its centre, KANDA.CARE motivates and transforms progress for all with ease.

BETT 2018 sees the launch of the ground-breaking KANDA.CARE system. Like many projects, KANDA. CARE was born from the desire to find cleaner, leaner, more modern and effective solutions. We are a partnership drawn from many decades of experience in educational leadership and design to find a solution to frustrations with lack of consistency across all areas of behaviour and teaching and learning. The combination of our expertise means we have developed a product which builds on robust knowledge and understanding of the real needs of educational data capture (intervention and the importance of knowing your students well), and the need to adopt lean, quick, effective systems which enable teachers and leaders rather than add to the workload.

Core values built in to the system are:

ACCESSIBILITY – the system is easy to adopt and learn how to use, it reduces workload and reduces stress.

EFFICIENCY – the system is cloud-based and enables large amounts of data to be collected quickly, building an accurate picture in real time, enabling and transforming incisive intervention.

CONSISTENCY – the system fits into the expected work cycles of staff, and provides an intuitive way for teachers and leaders to fulfil task expectations and the demands of the job, meaning engagement and therefore consistency is ensured.

FLEXIBILITY – the system can be easily adapted to any school and set up in line with existing values, policies, school colours and logos etc., to become an integral part of school life.

CONNECTIVITY – the system accentuates the integral relationship between areas of teaching and learning, behaviour and personalisation, giving an achievable, coherent approach to increase well differentiated, individualised and personalised learning for all.

Data gathering and output is supported by GoogleDocs, where tabulated and graphical information is automatically produced against vulnerable groups – bringing school policies together with student activity, and reinforcing a ‘living’ policies approach.

Our first module is BEHAVIOUR. This module enables positive and negative data on students to be captured quickly, ‘on the go’. The emphasis, of course, is on the positive and offers a unique points and credits system and shop, maximising student motivation and engagement, also establishing enterprise and student leadership in the school. DISPUTE gives a comprehensive approach to capturing ‘student v student’ issues and provides an accurate, well-monitored Bullying Log. MONITOR builds on the negative data collected and enables a process which goes beyond the behaviour and analyses the barriers and needs beneath. In this way, KANDA.CARE finds real ways to help the student improve and thereby close the cycle of behaviour > analysis and understanding > intervention > improvement.

Find us at stand FS18 to see how KANDA.CARE is the tool to help you transform your school.

For more information, visit KANDA.CARE’s website.