Making A-Level maths accessible and engaging


By the time a student decides to take A-Level maths, you would expect that they are already inspired by the learning. However, it is so important at this stage of their learning to maintain and build their motivation and enthusiasm for the subject. So, at MathSpire, we are creating software courses that make A-Level maths accessible and engaging.

In line with the new curriculum, it is based on building an understanding of each mathematical concept and how it can be applied in the right context.

We want students to know why it makes sense, and how this knowledge can be used beyond A-Level.

MathSpire provides the students with concepts, history and application, as well as practice. We also recognise that students have a wide range of abilities and expectations, and we are producing a range of materials to cater to all needs. Our software encourages active learning, by offering a wide range of content, putting problem-solving at the centre, and adapting intelligently to previous performance.

To constantly refine MathSpire, we are working with passionate and experienced academics and teachers to create a comprehensive library of content; the software is available for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

We hope to connect with maths teachers at Bett to learn about your students’ needs and help provide you with the resources to meet them. Please come to visit us on stand 17 in the Bett Futures area.