Making reading a positive experience for all


After many years, first-hand experience, teaching in a primary school I recognised the need for a phonics learning app to help teachers make their lessons more efficient, to make learning more fun for the children and to help inform parents on how their child is being taught in schools. I also wanted the resource to be used at home and school so parents could get involved in supporting their child’s learning.

I established ‘Way We Learn’ and created as a complete ‘learn to read’ resource designed for the classroom and home; available on all platforms including online website games. By turning lessons into games the children learn without even realising.  

I also wanted to address the traditional way of teaching, of marking them out of 100, which I believe leave students with a negative view of reading; children always see how far off the perfect score they are rather than learning to enjoy it. At children are rewarded points for every correct answer. Points add up which enables them to increase their level. Like this, children are always working to try and find the correct answer, instead of worrying about getting the answer wrong.

It starts with simple sounds and continues through to teaching the different spelling combinations. is unique and unrivalled in its way of doing this. No other resource can help take a child from a non reader to being able to read words, sentences and books, from start to finish! 

Please come to meet us on stand 19 in the Bett Futures area of Bett 2017.

Twitter: @readwithfonics