ONVU Learning – The future of lesson observation? ONVU Learning may have the right answer for it [#BettFuturesTakeover]

What would you give to be able to review the highlights and lowlights of every lesson you’ve ever taught? And what if you could have discussed these with your colleagues and external experts quickly and made immediate improvements to your professional practice?

That’s what ONVU Learning offers schools and teachers. The chance to make a real difference to challenges including behaviour management, developing new teachers quickly, bringing departments together, and retaining and reinvigorating key staff by creating a huge whole school impact.

We don’t just put cameras in classrooms and stand back – although we do use the latest 360-degree technology and ensure total confidentiality and data security through the support of global technology company ONVU Technologies!

Dr Sean Warren, international education advisor and author of Living Contradiction, works alongside our schools and teacher training providers to enable teachers to take control of their own professional development. That might mean…

  • Working with a MFL teacher on creating engagement with the ‘difficult Y8 class that no-one likes teaching’
  • Helping Maths teachers develop new ways of ensuring all students are attentive in class
  • Enabling an English teacher to investigate how explicit sharing of new concepts improves understanding
  • Connecting subject specialists across an international network of schools to ensure consistent high standards
  • Allowing a university tutor to spend more time coaching and less time travelling to remote schools

At Hereford Academy, a secondary school, teachers choose areas for personal development, identify aspects of lessons to review and share video evidence with colleagues and Dr Warren. Head of School Ed Snelgrove emphasises how useful video can be for truly personal feedback: “in a class of 30 children, even the most vigilant teacher won’t see that child in the corner, or notice how often they repeat a particular word.”

At Shavington Primary School in Crewe, ONVU’s LessonVU system records unobtrusively and continuously but securely, meaning teachers can develop throughout the year. NQT mentor at Shavington, Rachael Rivers, recognises the value to her development, commenting: “I have control of the footage, it’s stored securely and only used for CPD, improving my performance.”

Other schools working with ONVU Learning include Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEU) and Orwell Park School, Suffolk.

AUEA is adding cameras to all classrooms this year. Principal Dan Lock-Wheaton says: “teachers are desiring and demanding new stimulus materials and LessonVU takes it to a whole new level of collaboration and sharing.”

Orwell Park is a pioneering private school that is looking to increase teacher self-awareness and performance with LessonVU. Teacher and Head of Digital Strategy David Horton, who tested the system on himself first, comments: “I have become slightly more careful and deliberate in my teaching – my attitude is that I want to see myself at my best. If I had to quantify the benefits [for Orwell Park] I’d have to say we’re possibly all seeing a one per cent improvement in our teaching every time we use it.”

For more information about ONVU Learning and to meet some of our existing users, please book an appointment with our team and visit our Bett stand F350.

Find out more about ONVU Learning and the LessonVU system on our website.